Managing Data Quality and Data Governance

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Data quality metrics in Qlikview, Tableau or MS Excel

Relevant, well presented data quality charts and reports are critical enablers for both data governance and data quality.

To drive business success dashboards must:

  • Go beyond so called data quality metrics to show the impact of data quality at a business level

  • Support effective management by showing trends and improvements over time

  • Support business self service to enable business data stewards to quickly and easily add and display new key metricsBusiness relevant data quality reports motivate business involvement

Data quality rules and measures defined and deployed using TS Discovery can quickly and easily be exposed to business users via adapters for common dashboarding tools like Microsoft Excel, Qlikview, Tableau and more.

Data quality trends and metrics can be combined with other data governance measures to ensure that you data is complinat with business needs.

Contact us for a demonstration to see how easily your business can both define and measure data quality

measure and monitor data qulity for effective data governance

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