Oracle data quality

Bringing Data Quality to Oracle solutions

Our partner, Trillium Software has a long standing techncial and business partnership with Oracle that ensures rapid integration of our market leading data quality platform with a range of Oracle applications including:

Enjoy the Trillium Software advantage

Through our connectivity options for Oracle, you can gain all the benefits of the Trillium Software System®:

    • A focussed specialist data quality partner

    • Oracle validated connectors for the full range of Oracle applications - future proof against changes in Oracle product strategies

    • More accurate customer, supplier and employee views through best-in-class matching and linking technology

    • A business-friendly, easy to use interface for creating, managing and distributing data quality business rules anywhere in your enterprise (including those that are external to your Oracle applications)

    • Deep 

global data quality 

    features such as:
    • Address valdiation and geocoding for South Africa

    • Address validation and correction for every country, according to international postal regulations

    • Expert support of more than 35 global business hubs with Trillium Software customized rules

    • Sub-second country-of-origin determination and data cleansing, even for commingled international data sources

  • Both batch and real-time processing for Oracle/Siebel applications with consistent rules and results

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