Data Governance business drivers - customer stories

Stephen Gatchell, from EMC, discusses how data governance has been critical to the success of their master data management program - product, customer and more. Data governance has allowed them to do more with less staff - understanding the data, the processes, the standards and much more.




Brian Keil, Managing Director - Globala Data Governance at Charles Schwab, talks about using data governance as a business opportunity. Regulatory imperatives have created the opportunity to enhance the business value of data. Marketing is the primary driver for business driven data governance


Nikki Verhoff, Data Governance program director at Verizon Wireless, talks about how data governance and Collibra have helped them to reduce the number of BI reports being delivered, increase the accuracy and trust in thise reports, and enhance decision making.

  Ronald Layne, Manager of data Quality and Data Governance at George Washingto University, talks about how data governance and Collibra has helped to them to achieve trusted data.

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